Zero Waste


Experts estimate that the average person throws away 4.3 lbs of waste each day, which adds up to 220 million tons of waste each year. That’s a lot of landfills. Solutions around compost, recycling, waste minimization, and new materials for everyday products are paving a path toward zero waste, but our systems need a reboot. Put your money into companies cleaning up our planet and meeting a growing global demand.

Key Trends

We need to waste less and recycle more

The US generated about 258 million tons of solid waste in 2014. Only 35% of it was recycled.

Waste has a significant economic upside

In the US alone, $5 billion is spent every year sending waste to landfills. Interestingly, the items tossed out each year could also be worth about $5 billion if properly recycled into products.

Technologies will reduce global impact

It’s clear we need to learn to make the most out of our waste. That’s why we invest in companies that provide solutions for composting, recycling, and creating new materials from recycled materials.

Track Disposal & Recycling llc

Track Disposal & Recycling provides innovative,sustainable solutions for waste management. We process and recycle a wide range of materials from residential and commercial projects including Metal, Wood, Drywall, Rubble, Cardboard, Plastic , Ceiling Tile, and Paper.