Real Estate Holding


Real Estate Investments is the cornerstone of William Penn Holdings, INC. We strongly believe in holding equity strong properties in our portfolio that not only cash flow but provides for long term grow of our net worth. We hold owner finance investment agreements for residential, commercial properties throughout Pennsylvania through some of our subsidiaries.  The art of finding deals is at the core of our business model from Tax Sales to Bankruptcy liquidations there is no deal we don’t go after if it meets one of our companies needs and contributes to our net value.

Key Trends

A kinder gentler real estate cycle

Real estate fundamentals continue to steadily improve; transaction volume and prices are back to historical high levels. Despite the current length of the real estate market expansion, the amount of new supply remains at low levels.

Investment Opportunity

By 2020, investable real estate will have grown by more than 55%.

By 2025, emerging markets will host 60% of global construction activity.

By 2025, there will be 37 ‘megacities’, up from 23 today, and 12 of these will be in emerging markets

Technology innovation

Technology has opened a new portal to investors and borrowers. Through online marketplaces, investors and borrowers can connect online, without going through a slow-moving, expensive bank or broker. It’s a win for both real estate companies and investors, as projects can be funded within days of being posted.

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In House Real Estate Management Corporation / Holding Owner Financing Contracts and Investment Properties