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William Penn Holdings INC, is building Education Facilities that offer the following programs IT Education Programs, International Student First Year Integration Programs and Building Craft Institutes that offer vocational training in fine construction skills.

Key Trends

IT Education Programs

In today’s world, computers are big business. From local
entrepreneurs to corporate boardrooms, supporting
technology solutions to business problems is exciting.
Information is a critical part of any organization and a
practical IT education can help you enter and advance
your technology career.

International Student First Year Integration Programs

Hundreds of thousands of students from outside the U.S. stepped on to American college campuses this school year. Each year these students face myriad new experiences and challenges as they adjust to cultural differences, both inside and outside of the classroom. A study by the Journal of International and Intercultural Communication found that nearly half (40 percent) of international students studying in the U.S. said they had no close American friends.

Vocational training in fine construction skills

The combination of a large percentage of the existing labor force reaching the age of retirement and the surge in development projects around the country means that the demand for new talent is high

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William Penn International University

International Soft landing Campus offering IT Education and Vocational Construction programs